Art creation

Commission Your Favourite Art Masters

See your favourite pictures and photographs painted in the style of the greatest artists of all time.

Let us create, using the influence of Picasso, Monet, Dali or any other of your favourite artists, a piece of artwork that is unique and personal to you.

2016 exhibitions

FusionArtWorks: Fusion Love

London, 13-14 February 2016
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Modern Art: FusionArtWorks Illusion

NYC, May 2016

unique – art – abstract – modern

Masters à la mode

Digital Art Creativity

We are a young, creative, and imaginative digital art studio based in East London.

Fusing fine art with digital art, our original interpretations of famous iconic pictures are one of a kind artworks that leave a lasting impression.

You can browse through our catalogue

Perfect present

Browse through our gallery of never before seen art prints and find an eye catching and unique present.

These paintings will make an unforgettable gift for your friends and family or add a touch of refinement and originality to your home or office.

Our artwork will impress you and instantly capture everyone’s attention and imagination.

Where to buy

While we are setting up our online shop, you can browse our current art creations on the FusionArtWorks ETSY Shop here.

If you want us to customize your favourite picture, you can visit our customise page where you can upload your
photograph and tell us which masters style you would like, or simply let us do our best to impress you.