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Hotels Get Creative With More Digital Art Display

Staying in a hotel could feel like spending the night in an art museum and hoteliers are taking up on the digital art trend. Back in 2009, the New York Times wrote an article on how installing art in the most unexpected of ways challenges guests to think more deeply about their experience at a […]

How Innovation Shapes The Art World Today

The interplay between technology and the creative arts has begun to result in completely new forms of expression and media.This innovation comes from linking beauty to engineering, humanity, technology, and storytelling. People are always attracted to new things, may it be a new phone, new invention, new national budget, new clothes, new books, new movies, […]

Will Digital Art Replace Traditional Art?

During the current reign of everything digital, a lot of people argue whether digital art is real art, while others believe it has already started to replace it. Art on its own is still defined in different ways by different people, but if we accept its most common interpretation, art is someone producing something that […]